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Meet David

I have an eclectic set of interests and skills that I developed from my love for the earth, my time spent in the woods (more on that soon), and my passion for helping people simplify health and weight loss.  
My greatest goal is to take away the pain and suffering around health.  I believes that the health, food and fitness industry have made health far too junked up, dogmatic, and impossible to follow.  
I created a system I call the Three Pillars of Health- Treatment, Training and Nutrition.  Following the pillars allows people to heal almost any physical and emotional symptom that people suffer from.  And I deliver my system in a very systematic and simple program.
Much of what impacted me and led to the creation of this system was my time in nature.  Out of college, I worked at a wilderness program for incarcerated kids in Georgia.  The work was extremely tough but also deeply rewarding.
In April of 2001, I set out on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, and hiked the entire 2,160 mile trail to Maine.  The trail tried my patience and persistence, and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life after the birth of my children.  You find out who you are and how much you believe in a goal when you’re on the trail.  I say that the people who made the entire journey just had a spirit in their eyes and a determination.
In one specific moment on the trail, I remember feeling a distinct calling to help people…that my work in the future would be around health.  One year after the trail I started my Master’s in Acupuncture.   Twelve years later, I am the owner and creator of 39 Minute Workout and Wellness.